Hi there. I’m Debbie Burgett. Um … who? Exactly. Let me introduce myself.

My husband and I are missionaries with Ethnos360 (founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission). We have five grown children and homeschooled for 18 years. For 10 years, I wrote articles for our mission’s magazine about how God is changing lives in remote locations around the world.

But my life was changed in the process. It was both fascinating and fulfilling to learn and grow as a writer on a team with other writers. I would never trade what I learned for the world.

Then for some strange reason, I decided to leave the “safety nest” where everything I wrote was eagerly welcomed, appreciated and published (In other words, a writer’s dream job!) and instead, take the lonely (and a little scary?) leap into writing on my own, where I’m a nobody, fighting to be heard, just like everyone else. Yikes!

But when God says “Jump!” I wouldn’t want to miss out on the wonder of what’s up there where He is, the wonder of what He can see, but I can’t—at least not yet.

So I will jump.

My first post, “Those Tricky Binoculars,” explains the title and purpose of my Blog “Putting in a Good Word.” It’s to show the truth about good—that it’s as big as God is Himself. And that’s huge.

Hope you’ll join me on the journey! It’s going to be good.

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